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Install a bird box

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Install a bird box

Nestboxes are best put up during the autumn. Many birds will enter nestboxes during the autumn and winter, looking for a suitable place to roost or perhaps to feed. They often use the same boxes for nesting the following spring. Putting up a bird box on your house or in your garden or on your farm can help many bird species due to lack of natural nesting sites. Special designs will help birds like swifts which have undergone huge declines in the last 20 years. Causes of decline include lack of insect food and nest site loss.


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Don't forget to #PassThePledge - take a photo or upload a video to social media telling everyone about your pledge to help the environment, talk to your friends and family to raise awareness, and nominate others to pledge too! Tweet us @NDevonBiosphere or on Facebook @NorthDevonBiosphere


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