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Inspired by the films? Find out below how you can take small actions every day to protect nature on your doorstep, and help to restore the nation’s waterways, from source to sea.

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Protect your waterways from pollution
Discover nature on your doorstep
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from source to sea

Help Protect our marine environments

Make a pledge for nature

We are asking you to choose 1 or more activities from the 6 below and to commit some time and energy to enhance and protect the watercourses and marine environment of the North Devon Biosphere.
No matter where you live, water connects us all, and everything that happens upstream will eventually make it way down rivers and streams to the sea.

The more people join the movement, the more pledges we can gather - the bigger the difference we can make together. Why not make a pledge to protect our marine environment, from source to sea.


Pledges to choose from

inspired by the films

Throughout the year we will announce new calls to action that are aimed at tackling North Devon’s nature priorities. These seasonal activities have been decided in consultation with our partners and local experts and are key actions that will help protect and enhance our watercourses. The current seasonal activities are below, please click on each image to find out more...

Calculate your carbon footprint
Calculate your carbon footprint

Use an online tool to calculate your carbon footprint and see what you can do to reduce it. Will your biggest contribution be travel, food, home or stuff you buy?

Watch Episode 1
Protect your waterways from pollution
Protect your waterways from pollution

Don’t use chemicals in your home or garden that could get into waterways, check out our local initiatives and further funding or guidance for landowners.

Watch Episode 2
Discover nature on your doorstep
Discover nature on your doorstep

It's great for your physical and mental wellbeing and you may find a local project that you can get involved with to help protect your environment too.

Watch Episode 3
Avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle
Avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle

Switch to reusables and challenge a friend to give up single-use plastic with you, pick up litter as you walk, and think about ways you can reduce and reuse in other areas too.

Watch Episode 4
Support sustainable fishing
Support sustainable fishing

Support local fishermen who are committed to fishing sustainably and find out how you can make more sustainable choices when you shop.

Watch Episode 5
Volunteer and conserve
Volunteer and conserve

Choose a charity, organisation or local group that works to enhance our natural environment and volunteer your time to help.

Watch Episode 6

What will you do?

Thank You

Journey to the Sea was funded in partnership between North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, WWF, Sky Ocean Rescue, the National Trust and the Environment Agency. Written and produced by Nina Constable Media, in collaboration with Mindfully Wired Communications.

With thanks to all of our other partners who were involved in the making of these films:
The Wave Project; Nethercott House; Farms for City Children; Landmark Trust; Natural England; Sarah Dowling (artist and illustrator); Jacob Smith (music); Gemma Wearing (camera assistant); Ed Stone (drone operator); Doug Anderson (underwater footage).