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Low Carbon Scene
Low Carbon
We all need to do our bit to keep the planet cool

Call to Action for COP26


While world leaders discuss a plan of action against the climate emergency at COP26 in Glasgow, we want to hear about what you are doing in your homes, gardens, on land you own, or in your business or school to increase biodiversity and to reduce your carbon emissions. Using #TogetherforourBiosphere, we want to showcase the work happening within the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and raise awareness of the impacts of the climate and ecological emergency.  #TogetherforourBiosphere #TogetherforourPlanet

Living Sustainably

There are lots of ways in which communities and enterprises are organising themselves to interact with their local environment and pioneer more sustainable forms of living for the future.

The Biosphere Partnership is supporting many of these initiatives and is working on a number of specific projects as well.

From local food to transport, waste minimisation, from sustainable energy production to the role of the environment in supporting our wellbeing, we can all be an active custodian of our world-class environment.

Low Carbon Lifestyles

Climate change is now accepted as being linked to human activity and every human can help to reduce their carbon footprint. Every avalanche is made of small snowflakes so don’t underestimate your contribution.

In this section you will find ways to reduce your carbon footprint and where you can get more help and advice.

Top Hints

> Buy your energy responsibly
> Switch to a renewable energy provider; buy your energy from a company that sources from renewable energy installations
> Certainly avoid those energy providers using coal. More help here

Reduce your private car use; Transport forms the biggest carbon footprint

> Try car sharing
> Public transport
> Cycling or walking
> Get your food delivered. It saves the emissions of many cars going to the shops

Reduce your waste

> Reduce your waste as much as possible by Reduce, re-use recycle
> Go Plastic Free
> Try to avoid wasting food by cooking just the right amount

Reduce your heating energy needs

> Insulate your home
> Buy food and use responsibly
> Have meat free days
> Buy local produce (that can include local grass-fed meat)

Where to get advice

> 361 Energy
> Energy Savings Trust
> Centre for Sustainable Energy
> UK Government
> Simple Energy Advice