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Biosphere Business Partners

As part of the EU funded BioCultural Heritage Tourism project, North Devon Biosphere have launched the Biosphere Business Partner (BBP) Eco-Charter.

Will you be our first

Str Business

We want to hear your stories! When you have achieved a commitment, let us know by sending a short video, photograph or text to:  with the words 'BBP Story' in the subject line.'

Become a Biosphere
Business Partner

The UNESCO World Biosphere is our unique selling point as a region. Join us to share that you are proud to be part of the world class area, by being part of a sustainable business network that looks after the very assets that attract 80% of our visitors, as well as each other.

To become a Biosphere Business Partner, please complete the Register Business form (click the button below to start). You will need to sign up to at least FIVE commitments from the categories below. One of these must be that you agree to Peer Review another business to make sure their commitments are on track. You are then free to choose at least four more commitments that best suit your business.

Membership Rewards


Free advertising on the BBP Interactive Map, within the Biosphere Visitor Website.

Networking & Events

Invitations to network meetings and events to connect with like minded businesses.

Use Our Logo

Free use of the BBP logo on all promotional material and your business website.

Free Local Newsletter

Access to ‘good news’ from the BBP’s, within the Biosphere newsletter and website .

Get Featured

Win the opportunity to become the BBP’s ‘Business of the Month.


Or choose your own


Implement wildlife-enhancing land management practices / gardening; install bird nest boxes / bat boxes etc

Protect and promote local knowledge and cultural heritage through providing opportunities for tourists to become involved in and understand local cultural practices or running events that promote local culture

Reduce energy and water consumption; produce renewable energy / alternative technologies; reduce waste and increase recycling

Local Development

Engage and trade with as many local businesses as possible that are operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Promote marketing of local sustainable businesses / eco-players

Promote local sustainable produce.

Develop quality immersive tourism experiences that engage with local environmental and cultural heritage

Enhance separate/individual efforts by combining multiple activities and working collaboratively with other businesses / organisations


Inform visitors about tourism impacts and the fragility of local environments

Promote and maintain the business / eco-player network

Promote and participate in events organised by the BR

Facilitate knowledge exchange and share best practice amongst network members