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From Carbon Storage & Clean Water to Farming Best Practices & Tourism: the Sea and Coast make up a crucial part of the Biosphere
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a Unique Coastline

The beautiful, dramatic seascapes within and around the North Devon Biosphere have inspired artists and writers throughout time, but under the waves, that attract watersport enthusiasts and beach users alike, the water is teeming with wildlife. The marine aspect of the Biosphere not only provides inspiration and enjoyment for people, it supports their livelihoods, gives them food, and aids their health and happiness. It also has the added benefit of contributing to important processes that moderate climate change and give us the oxygen that we breathe.

some of what we do

We work to connect people with nature
We work to connect people with nature
Collaborate on conservation efforts
collaborate on
conservation efforts
Support projects and research to improve nature
support projects & research
to improve nature

Journey to the Sea

Come with us on a Journey to the Sea and be inspired to take action to protect the natural world wherever you live.

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Pledge for nature

We are asking you to choose 1 or more activities and to commit some time and energy to enhance and protect the watercourses and marine environment of the North Devon Biosphere.