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Welcome to our

Knowledge base

The knowledge base will help to provide you with information to complete your pledge or take an action for nature. We have included many links to conservation organisations across Devon who are already hard at work and are a great source of inspiration, guidance and related events.

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Pledge Activities

Calculate your carbon footprintActivity Supporter Logo

Calculate your carbon footprint

Use an online tool to calculate your carbon footprint and see what you can do to reduce it. Will your biggest contribution be travel, food, home or stuff you buy?

Protect your waterways from pollutionActivity Supporter Logo

Protect your waterways from pollution

Don’t use chemicals in your home or garden that could get into waterways, check out our local initiatives and further funding or guidance for landowners.

Discover nature on your doorstepActivity Supporter Logo

Discover nature on your doorstep

It's great for your physical and mental wellbeing and you may find a local project that you can get involved with to help protect your environment too.

Avoid, reduce, reuse, recycleActivity Supporter Logo

Avoid, reduce, reuse, recycle

Switch to reusables and challenge a friend to give up single-use plastic with you, pick up litter as you walk, and think about ways you can reduce and reuse in other areas too.

Support sustainable fishingActivity Supporter Logo

Support sustainable fishing

Support local fishermen who are committed to fishing sustainably and find out how you can make more sustainable choices when you shop.

Volunteer and conserveActivity Supporter Logo

Volunteer and conserve

Choose a charity, organisation or local group that works to enhance our natural environment and volunteer your time to help.

What is a Pledge Activity?

Throughout the year we will announce new calls to action that are aimed at tackling North Devon’s nature priorities. These Pledge Activities have been decided in consultation with our partners and local experts and are key actions that will help protect and enhance our watercourses. The current Sea & Coast Pledge Activities are at the top of this Knowledge Base page - please click on each image to find out more.