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Be part of the community helping
nature to thrive in northern Devon.

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What is a Pledge for Nature?

It’s Time to Act! Pledge for Nature is a new campaign to galvanise community action for nature’s recovery across the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere.

Our wildlife has been in decline for decades, with iconic species like breeding cuckoos, lapwings and curlews disappearing from North Devon, insects and wildflowers from our meadows and salmon from our rivers. Immediate action is needed to help North Devon’s nature to flourish again in our farmland, woods, gardens, rivers and open spaces.

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Our aims to MAKE NORTHERN devon
a better place for nature

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Make Space for NAture
More Community Action
Protect for the future

Over the coming years, with the help of our conservation partners, we will be promoting seasonal activities to tackle the most pressing problems. We need your help to make it happen! So we are inviting individuals, community groups, schools, businesses and particularly farmers to pledge to tackle priority issues for nature’s recovery.

Pledge for nature trophynature champion

Become a nature champion

Please choose 1 or more activities from below and help save nature.
We call this, “Creating a Pledge for Nature”.

The more people who join the movement, the more pledges we can gather and the bigger the difference we can make together. Why not become a Nature Champion today?

This season’s activities

April to june 2020

Each season we will announce new calls-to-action that are aimed at tackling North Devon’s nature priorities. These seasonal activities have been decided in consultation with our conservation partners and local experts and are key actions that will help nature to recover. The current seasonal activities are below, please click on each image to find out more!

Create a wildlife pond

Create a wildlife pond

Big or small; creating a pond in your garden or farm is a great way of inviting wildlife including amphibians, birds and insects to your patch! Photo credit: Nick Withers

Give your hedge a few inches

Give your hedge a few inches

Leave a stretch of hedge, however long or small, uncut for a year or two, and be rewarded by more flowers and berries for pollinators and birds. Or, if you are a farmer or contractor, simply raise the height of your flail by 10-15cm for the same effect. Wildlife will thank you and the hedge will remain thick, bushy and manageable. Try it and see!

Big Butterfly Count

Big Butterfly Count

The Butterfly Conservation Trust need our help recording butterflies in gardens, farms and communities across the UK. Create a pledge to let us know that you have downloaded the app and are getting involved! The Big Butterfly Count 2020 will run from Friday 17 July to Sunday 9 August. Photo credit: Rob Wolton, brown hairstreak butterfly

Help for hedgehogs

Help for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs need our help, can you pledge to create a hedgehog friendly area in your garden or farm by creating a log pile or compost heap, or making a hedgehog home or highway.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Take part in research and recording of wildlife and habitats to help to increase our scientific knowledge. You can usually record sightings on an organisation's website or increasingly through specialised apps for your phone.

Volunteer for a local event

Volunteer for a local event

As well as events run by Pledge for Nature, we also encourage you to create your pledge today detailing the local volunteering event you have joined (or possibly created).

Other activity

Other activity

To help nature’s recovery, you are welcome to pledge other activities - they do not need to be seasonal although together with our partners, we encourage you to consider those first for maximum impact.

What will you do?

how pledges work

5 steps to make all the difference


Field and trees

Choose your Activity

To start creating your pledge today, start by choosing an activity from the options above that suits your nature interests. You can create multiple pledges today but one-at-a-time by using the form.


Create a Pledge

Once you have decided what activity you would like to do, simply fill in the simple form on the Create a Pledge page. The more data you supply, the more good we can do. It takes < 1 minute to complete.


review pledge

We will Review your Pledge

Once you have created your pledge and submitted the online form, our keen team will review your pledge and approve it within 48 hours so please bear with us.


Pledge map

View your Pledge on our Map

Once approved, your pledge will appear as a pin on our Pledge Map. If you have submitted multiple pledges, you will see multiple pledge pins on the map (nice work!).


pledge for nature steps

Complete+Share your Pledge

Naturally, we would like as many people as possible to join the movement to Pledge for Nature. You can help by sharing your individual Pledge Page to your social media channels & encourage others to do the same. Thank you!


The movement

Save Nature

Help your local Biosphere

Make Devon a better place to live

Get active

"The global Climate and Ecological Emergency may seem daunting but by acting together as a community, we can make a real difference!"

Our Latest Stories

July/August 2020

July/August 2020

Aug 3, 2020

Every month we like to give a summary of everything that has happened with the Pledge for Nature project. We love seeing your pictures and hearing about the actions you are taking to help nature to thrive! Photo: Beautiful wild thyme in flower attracting bees on Braunton Burrows.

Big Butterfly Count

Big Butterfly Count

Jul 16, 2020

The Butterfly Conservation's Big Butterfly Count 2020 runs from 17th July to 9th August. Jenny Plackett from the Butterfly Conservation Trust talks about the butterflies that she has been spotting close to home and results of previous years' surveys. To find out more and to get involved in the Big Butterfly Count (one of our July-September Pledge for Nature activities) please visit the Knowledge Base. Photo Common Blue on Tarka Trail

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