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This is the most important step! Please choose which Activity describes the Pledge you are making today, how many of these you are pledging (e.g. planting 1 tree), and where your Pledge will take place (the Pledge Habitat and Nearest Village or Town). If you know the Postcode, your map pin will be more accurate but it is optional.

Make a Nature Plan
Big Butterfly Count
Create a wildflower patch
Create a wildlife pond
Sign Nature Recovery Declaration
Community Orchard
Citizen Science
Save Your Soil
Volunteer for a local event
Create a bug haven
Other activity
Let a corner go wild
Help for hedgehogs
No Mow May
Plant a native tree
Install a bat box
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Please state whether this is your personal/individual pledge or whether you are coordinating a group, an organisation or a business to take part. Tell us a little more about your group too - we may share your efforts on social media.

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A Few Extra Questions & We're Done!

All of the below is totally optional but it is helpful to running the North Devon Biosphere and, in particular, the Pledge for Nature initiative effectively. Just select all the options that apply to you. Thank you for your time today.

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what we do with this info

Final Comment?

If you have anything else you need to add, now is the time - our team read every new Pledge submitted and so if you have anything else to say about your Pledge please let us know below. For example, you can use this space to add more information on the area of land you are covering with wildflowers.

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how pledges work

5 steps to make all the difference


Field and trees

Choose your Activity

To start creating your pledge today, start by choosing a seasonal activity that suits your nature interests. You can create multiple pledges today but one-at-a-time by using the form.


Create a Pledge

Once you have decided what activity you would like to do, simply fill in the simple form on the Create a Pledge page. The more data you supply, the more good we can do. It takes < 1 minute to complete.


review pledge

We will Review your Pledge

Once you have created your pledge and submitted the online form, our keen team will review your pledge and approve it within 48 hours so please bear with us.


Pledge map

View your Pledge on our Map

Once approved, your pledge will appear as a pin on our Pledge Map. If you have submitted multiple pledges, you will see multiple pledge pins on the map (nice work!).


pledge for nature steps

Complete+Share your Pledge

Naturally, we would like as many people as possible to join the movement to Pledge for Nature. You can help by sharing your individual Pledge Page to your social media channels & encourage others to do the same. Thank you!


The movement

Help your local Biosphere

Make Devon more attractive

Preserve for future

Get active

How We Will Use these Responses

I'm a Farmer or Land Manager

This information is useful for reporting to the National Lottery Heritage Fund on farmer and land manager engagement in the scheme. Your personal data will not be shared.

Enter my Pledge into the Award Scheme

Awards will be non-financial/recognition awards for the best pledges.

I've played the National Lottery in the past year

Lottery players will be entered into a draw for a special award.

Keep me updated with Pledge for NAture

Stay up-to-date via email with Pledge for Nature events and announcements of new seasonal activities.