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About Skern Lodge

Skern Lodge is a residential outdoor education centre based on the Taw Torridge estuary in Appledore, a short walk from where the rivers join with the North Devon coastline. Established in 1976, we have been providing outdoor education, behavioural development, and fun through adventurous activities and training to visiting customers from across the UK for over 40 years. Our day visits and overnight stays are Covid Secure, and we are Good to Go!

Commitment Updates


Awareness Raising: Tom Humphreys joined our 'Biosphere for Business' webinar in January 2022 as a guest speaker, to tell us about the great things Skern Lodge have done to help Nature Recover in our Biosphere and their plans for the future.


Awareness Raising: Tom Humphreys took part in our #TogetherForOurBiosphere #TogetherForOurPlanet Campaign, held during COP26, to tell us what Skern Lodge are doing to help fight the climate crisis.

20th July 2021

Conservation - After significant groundwork  throughout lockdown, our current ‘Star Business’ - Skern Lodge have seeded the bare areas they scoured earlier in the year and are now seeing the fruits of their labour with a lovely return to green!


Congratulations to the team at Skern Lodge for becoming our very first 'Star Business'! Skern have been with us from the start, helping to shape the BBP Eco-Accreditation Scheme into what is today. Representatives from Skern always attend our events and share their knowledge with great enthusiasm to our network. Below are just some of the amazing commitments Skern have achieved to date:  


Huge thanks to Tom Humphreys, who joined us at our Biosphere Business Partner Showcase last week, to tell us all about the commitments Skern Lodge have achieved so far and what's coming up soon! By presenting at this event, Skern Lodge have achieved two commitments in the 'Awareness Raising' category! They have promoted and participated in an event run by the Biosphere Reserve and facilitated knowledge exchange and shared best practice amongst network members. Well done!


Skern Lodge made a ‘Pledge for Nature’ and have planted over 400 ‘Wild Wood’ trees, (Hawthorn, Crab Apple, Goat Willow) which they received from The Woodland Trust. Here, they have implemented land management practices to help ‘Conservation’.

They have been continuously promoting and participating in all of our BBP events, whether online or in person and presented at our recent BBP Showcase. Keep up the great ‘Awareness Raising’ work!

Skern offered their land for the Appledore Book Festival to use as a ‘Drive-In’ Festival, when Covid restrictions meant the traditional, annual, festival couldn’t go ahead. Collaboration with another business, especially in these tough times, really helps our ‘Local Development’ here in the Biosphere.