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North Devon Marine Ltd

North Devon Marine Ltd


About North Devon Marine Ltd

We are sailing to help combat the negative influences we have towards our planet. Providing technical insight for alternative propulsion with a campaign to hit our net zero targets as soon as possible.

Commitment Updates

6th July 2021

Crew members, Wayne and George, took Nazca out to Lundy Island for her first trawl for microplastics in the Bristol Channel last week. George details their successful adventure; sailing on clean energy, being visited by local wildlife and what they found lurking in the channel.

"It was calm and sunny, in contrast to our passage from Plymouth to Appledore recently. We saw a few dolphins and thousands of jellyfish. By late afternoon we’d arrived on the eastern cliffs of Lundy, carrying out our first trawl for microplastics. We motored up and down the island, covering a fair amount of ground with the trawl, propelled flawlessly by the Lynch motor propulsion system. This was our first data collection exercise and an important test to prove that the methods and kit we are using are practically viable, and can collect the data required. We took sediment samples too, and along with the information from the trawl, we’ll build a better picture of what's happening to our oceans.

Another important aspect of the trip was the vessel; an electric Contessa 34 called Nazca, our research and development boat. Nazca has only recently been converted to electric propulsion. There are no fossil fuels on board at all, and while we’ve proven that she performs well, we've always had good a breeze to sail places.

On the return journey back to Appledore, however, we experienced dense fog, and little to no wind. As such, we had to motor all the way with all the navigation equipment running. But this was a good test for the boat and, as expected, the electric propulsion system performed perfectly.

We took a few detours to retrieve some plastic debris, including bottles, an energy drink wrapper, crisps packets, polystyrene, a party balloon and a lump of composite. We arrived back on the mooring with well over 50% battery remaining, which was charged the next day by the bifacial solar array on the stern of the boat.

So the first data collection mission went without a hitch, and set the scene for many more like it.”

What a way to cover all three commitment categories!

They have also posted about ‘Plastic Free July’ on social media, sharing tips on how to reduce plastic in the ocean. Great work for Awareness Raising!

29th June 2021

Huge thanks to Wayne for being a guest speaker at our 'Biosphere Business Partner' Showcase last week. Wayne told us all about the North Devon Marine Project and how it linked with their commitments towards helping Conservation and Local Development within the Biosphere and to Raise Awareness to all. By presenting at this event, North Devon Marine have achieved two commitments in the 'Awareness Raising' category! They have promoted and participated in an event run by the Biosphere Reserve and facilitated knowledge exchange and shared best practice amongst network members. Well done!